Tanya Momi is an inspirational artist, and her work is diverse enough to fall into several categories including realism, cubism, abstract and social realism. She is constantly testing her skills, learning new forms and ways to express the inner beauty and strength that she shares with us.

Tanya has several paintings depicting relationships and everything they entail, from joy to pain. She has a series of five paintings entitled Waiting for the Moon and Promising the Moon. These are amazing paintings in themselves, but viewed as a series they depict the hope and struggles of a couple in love, of the dreams of a young woman's heart and the flames of desire in a young man's eye.

In remembrance of the tenth anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, Tanya painted a striking homage to the day. It shows the beauty of the skyline and the devastating aftermath. The painting is titled, It Began in Blood.

Tanya was born and raised in Chandigarh, India. Behind her smile you can see she comes from tragedy and spirituality. LIfe experience has taught her a lot and all this is reflected in her art. The observer can plainly see it by studying the images and the messages contained within them. As a devout Sikh, she practices the principles set forth by the Gurus in everyday life; from her interaction with people to how she views the world. Rather than be saddened by the anger and distress in the world around her, she looks for the positive in everyone and strives to help those in need.

She has several paintings depicting Sikh prayers and sayings which she pulls from deep within her soul. There is in Tanya a very powerful spiritual connection. In her life she has always found strength and peace from the teaching of the Gurus.

Not only is her art beautiful and versatile, it contains a message for each person who sees it. The interpretation of this message depends on the person and their own life experiences.

Tanya's paintings provoke thinking. Her art touches, moves and inspires people.